October 7, 2022


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Plant-Oil-Centered Skincare Technologies Business Offered for License or Buy

A NEW AND Unique ANHYDROUS SKINCARE Engineering OF Confirmed Incredibly High EFFICACY

 AUCKLAND, New Zealand, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Invented and produced by the CEO of FutecNZ Limited in New Zealand, (investing below the One particular24 model) trialled and tested by accredited scientific laboratories, a large group of specific Doctors, Experts, Researchers and clinicians in New Zealand and North The usa, and the community at massive.

Built especially for the Cosmetics, Cosmeceutical, Prescription drugs and Veterinary marketplaces, OTC and Rx

All our goods are plant-oil-primarily based and 100% water-free.

The flagship of our OTC beauty skincare goods is our sunscreen which has been scientifically tested to be an SPF of 50+, and nonetheless reveals 97.8% energetic soon after eight hours such as six hrs drinking water immersion in a spa pool.

It has both fantastic barrier and pores and skin conditioning qualities.  

The sunscreen does not erode off the skin nor does it sting or irritate the eyes, becoming entirely suitable for all amount of athletes which includes marathon runners, triathletes, endurance sailors and swimmers moreover other substantial-overall performance sporting activities.

This state-of-the-art technologies is tested to be really effective on all skin forms both youthful, aged and all ethnicities.

Our products are confirmed to be pretty helpful for numerous pores and skin situations including really severe burns, broken and abraded pores and skin, critical bacterial infections of the two bacterial, fungal and yeast. 

For the reason that of its occlusive effect, people practical experience an quick and efficient relief of agony and irritation from burnt and exposed flesh and broken nerve endings.  It will also at the same time sterilise the local skin internet site and encourage a rapid therapeutic procedure which include diabetic wound therapeutic.

It is extremely successful as a drug actives shipping vehicle.

For personal health causes, the inventor believes it is time to “move on the batten” to a progressive multinational company who is eager to be at the forefront of introducing new and effective skincare items to the afore outlined current market regions.

This one of a kind skincare technology includes two critical locations, which are:

  1. The formulations and
  2. The manufacture know-how

This current technologies can be made by any reliable contract manufacturer.

The inventor is out there to do the job together with the company R&D and scientific teams to educate the licensee or purchaser concerning all aspects of this new skincare technological know-how.

Product samples and skilled testimonies are accessible on ask for.

Call facts and much more info available at https://futecnz.com/get in touch with/

Far more product facts offered at https://a single24.co.nz/

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