October 7, 2022


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Mike Nurney’s A-Pet Aims to Set Commodore Amiga or Modern day Pc Hardware Into a Commodore PET-Design and style Box

Classic computing enthusiast Mike J. Nurney is blending three eras of computing with a project he calls the A-Pet: a custom made situation created to mimic the aesthetics of the Commodore PET but host possibly Commodore Amiga or present day Computer system hardware — or, in a planned third layout, a MiSTer FPGA emulation process.

“[The] A-Pet computer system scenario [is] a job to carry ’70s design to modern day platforms,” Nurney points out. “Whilst it’s larger sized to accommodate the Amiga and Laptop style keyboards. it however retains the traditional form of the Commodore PET. [Two prototypes] are built: A single employs the Amiga as a system and 1 takes advantage of the Personal computer.”

The A-Pet is an formidable challenge to build a relatives of laptop scenarios inspired by Commodore’s PET. (📹: Mike Nurney)

Nurney’s project cross a few eras of computing. The situation aesthetics are taken from the Commodore Own Digital Transactor, far better identified as the Commodore PET, an eight-little bit line of microcomputers constructed around the MOS 6502 processor and released in 1977. The Amiga variant, as the title indicates, makes use of this chassis to residence Commodore Amiga hardware – the company’s 16/32-bit spouse and children of techniques driven by the Motorola 68000 loved ones and launched in 1985.

For people who need a lot more modern-day internals but who never want to give up on the retro aesthetics, the Computer system variant can dwelling a modern day motherboard and power offer — developing a stealth-create technique suitable for emulating classic computers or functioning modern software package alike. A third variant, planned but not however developed, will house a MiSTer FPGA system for emulation.

In all conditions, the chassis features an on-board 14″ IPS colour observe with PET-type bezel, 15W stereo speakers, and a piano-hinge with remain so the upper section of the case can be lifted open up to grant entry to the internal hardware — just like the unique Commodore PET on which it is based.

“I believe the Amiga case is virtually full, now function moves to the Personal computer version,” Nurney writes of the project’s position. The program is to have Amiga, Computer system, MiSTer, and a standard IO [Input/Output] pleasant circumstance available for sale before the conclude of the yr. Long run programs are currently being labored on but these are presently on a little bit of a maintain right until this initially period is rolled out.”

Far more aspects are out there on the project’s Hackaday.io web site, with update films and demonstrations obtainable on Nurney’s YouTube channel.