October 7, 2022


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Graduates with a master’s degree in cybersecurity are landing starting up pay of $214,000 and up

BY Loaded GrisetJuly 08, 2022, 12:53 PM

A group walks by Sather Tower on the UC Berkeley campus, as noticed in March 2022. (Picture by Justin Sullivan/Getty Pictures)

When it will come to task demand, it is really hard to beat the area of cybersecurity. By 2025 there will be an approximated 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity work across the world, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, a researcher and publisher that addresses the global cyber financial state. And that follows a 350% growth in the variety of open cybersecurity careers in between 2013 and 2021.

As virtually all elements of work, daily life and all the things in concerning now have a digital component, the require to protected our information from cybersecurity threats has only developed. With that growth, master’s diploma courses in cybersecurity have also flourished.

“The career market’s crazy for cybersecurity,” says Mary McHale, a profession advisor for the master’s of information and facts and cybersecurity application (MICS) at the University of California—Berkeley. The college landed the No. 1 spot on Fortune’s to start with-ever rating of the very best on the web master’s diploma packages in cybersecurity. “When you glimpse at the prospect and demand, it’s huge.”

Irrespective of whether contending with cyber criminals who wish to transform a gain from stealing information or complicated nation-states that wish to do us harm, cybersecurity gurus are in an appealing and ever-evolving industry. And UC Berkeley grads are landing careers with starting up salaries of a lot more than $200,000 straight away immediately after graduation. Here’s what you require to know

How massive is the need for cybersecurity professionals?

In June, Lakshmi Hanspal, the international chief security officer for Amazon equipment and companies, was the keynote speaker for Berkeley’s MICS immersion software. In her handle, Hanspal explained that Amazon experienced a lot more than 600 unfilled cybersecurity positions.

That is a substantial variety, especially supplied Amazon’s deep pockets. “They’re declaring the demand is just going ever more higher,” suggests McHale of UC Berkeley. “Once we help [students] get visibility in the position industry, the volume of awareness they are finding is large.”

Quite a few master’s diploma candidates in cybersecurity packages take aspect in summer season internships with businesses ahead of graduating.

“Most appear back with an offer of complete-time work when they complete,” claims Mustaque Ahamad, a professor in the College of Cybersecurity and Privateness at Georgia Tech. “You have a task lined up, definitely.”

When a master’s diploma in cybersecurity or a related subject matter like computer science isn’t needed to do the job in cybersecurity, it goes a long way to inform graduates on the newest developments and happenings in the area.

“A master’s degree is heading to prepare you for the optimum talent, top-stage professions,” Ahamad states. “A master’s degree is in essence likely to make a expert in cybersecurity.”

How significantly can you make with a master’s in cybersecurity?

If you have a master’s in cybersecurity, it is quite prevalent to get paid a six-figure income right away immediately after graduation. “It’s a profession that will spend you perfectly,” says Ahamad. “The wide greater part of [graduates] head out to the Microsofts and the Googles and the Ciscos and the Intels.”

In accordance to a UC Berkeley salary study of alumni, graduates with a master’s diploma in cybersecurity make an ordinary salary of $214,000, not like bonuses the median wage is $200,000. Some graduates who are now executives, this kind of as main information safety officers (CISOs), main data officers (CIOs), and chief technological know-how officers (CTOs) make far more than $300,000.

“The CISO roles are heading to be far more around the $250,000, $300,000 [salary mark], nearer to $400,000, dependent on the business and the dimension of the firm,” McHale claims.

The median pay for pc programmers, who generate, test and modify code and scripts so that applications and personal computers can get the job done appropriately, was $93,000 in 2021, in accordance to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Details stability analysts, who plan and carry out security actions to safeguard the laptop networks and techniques of an business, had a median pay out of $102,600. Personal computer network architects, who structure and develop facts conversation networks, these types of as Intranets, huge space networks (WANs), and local location networks (LANs), experienced a median money of $120,520 in 2021.

Though graduates who go to operate for the federal government normally make significantly less revenue, the awareness acquired from starting to be acquainted with govt devices that have to have to be secured can spend off if they eventually get the job done for a major defense contractor.

“The encounter is golden,” Ahamad states. “They’re working with innovative country-state threats, so [with] the techniques and the purposes and the substantial degree of safety that’s necessary, once they have that working experience, that seriously makes them first-class at cybersecurity.”

McHale suggests that while some cybersecurity master’s graduates from Berkeley head to the general public sector, most consider new work opportunities in the personal sector.

“People with this specialist master’s diploma are now open to a path of extraordinary career possibilities,” McHale claims. “There is an capacity to use those skills in any business, or close to the world, since they can choose that main talent and implement it to a little something they are very passionate about.”